TV5 Kannada News Channel Frequency – Satellite Intelsat 17 at 66.0° East

Latest Channel TV5 Kannada News Availability and Technical Parameters

TV5 Kannada News Channel
TV5 Kannada News Channel

Good news for kannadiga television viewers, they are getting a new channel tv5 kannada from tv5 group. is available through all leading cable and dth services. It’s free to air (fta) kannada tv channel available through satellite intelsat 17. home dish users can tune this channel through supporting set top box and c band dish. intelsat 17 is common and majority of south indian tv channels using this satellite. catching signals from intelsat 17 at 66 degree east is very easy. we have already posted about channel frequency and other parameters of this satellite.

Telugu FTA Channels

TV5 Telugu News, Hindu Dharmam, TV5 Money, TV5 USA etc are the other channels from this group. another good news is one fta kannada movie channel named, public movies coming soon in 2018. Transponder frequency of TV 5 kannada is 3845 and polarization is Vertical. You need MPEG-4 stb, set top box for catching the signals of this channel. Suvarna News, Public TV, Polimer Kannada etc are some of the other fta channels from intelsat 17 satellite. TV 5 Kannada channel launched on 2nd october 2017, Gandhi Jayanti day. TV5 news network completed 10 years on this day.

Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda, former Chief Minister Yedduparra, Union Minister Anantha Kumar, state power minister D K Shiva Kumar, housing minister M Krishnappa, BJP state president R Ashok, Bengaluru Mayor Sampath Raj etc attended the inauguration function of tv 5 kannada channel. This channel will be soon available through all leading cable network and direct to home dth networks.

Technical Parameters of TV 5 Kannada

FrequencyPolarizationFECSymbol Rate Channel NameEncryption
3845Vertical5/628800TV 5 KannadaDVB-S

Stay tuned here for latest updates about indian television, you can discuss about the reception of this channel from dishtracking forum.

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