Dish TV Transponder List With Frequency, Symbol Rate, FEC, Polarization

Dish TV Transponder List 2015 From Satellites NSS 6 at 95.0°East and Asiasat 5 at 100.5°East

Dish tv using two satellites and they are nss6, asiasat 5. All the hd channels of dish tv is coming from asiasat 5 satellite. These two satellites are near and they are using 2 lnb’s to catch the signals. you can check the full list of all the transponders by dish tv with frequency and other technical parameters. This is the first indian private dth service, dd direct plus also started in the same time period.

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dish tv online recharge

Dish TV Channel Frequency on Asiasat 5 at 100.5°East


FrequencyPolarizationFECSymbol Rate Provider Name LogoMode
12522Vertical3/440700Dish TVdish tv frequencyDVBS
12582Vertical2/340700Dish TVDVBS2 MPEG4 – HD
12642Vertical2/340700Dish TVDVBS2 MPEG4 – HD
12702Vertical2/340700Dish TVDVBS2 MPEG4 – HD

Dish TV Channel Frequency on NSS 6 at 95.0°East

FrequencyPolarizationFECSymbol Rate Provider Name LogoMode
11037Horizontal3/440700Dish TVdish tv frequencyDVBS
11090Horizontal5/630000Dish TVDVBS
11172Horizontal5/630000Dish TVDVBS
12535Vertical3/440700Dish TVDVBS
12595Horizontal3/440700Dish TVDVBS
12595Vertical3/440700Dish TVDVBS
12647Horizontal3/430000Dish TVDVBS
12647Vertical5/630000Dish TVDVBS
12688Horizontal3/427500Dish TVDVBS
12688Vertical5/627500Dish TVDVBS
12729Vertical5/630000Dish TVDVBS
Signal strength

We can check the transponder frequency signal strength and quality by using these values for dish tv transponder list. symbol rate of the frequency can be check from the table. you need to open menu, setting and satellite management system for checking signal strength. in case tuning the dth first time, frequency list will the user. he/she can track the satellite signals using this transponder details, in set top box. this figures may change any time, please ensure that you are using correct values.

Dish TV Transponder List
Dish TV Transponder List