dth signal loss during rain – solutions to fix rain outage signals

possible solutions to fix dth signal loss during rain

dth signal loss during rain time and in bad weather conditions is a common problem now, we can take some precautions to fix the signal problem issue in direct to home services. dth services using ku band transmission, it have lot of benefits. the main advantage is we need small size satellite dish for reception.

big disadvantage for c band satellite reception is the big sized dish. ku band dish not need much space, we can easily install install the same on our home roof. at the same time ku band satellite reception have some disadvantage, the main issue is the signal drop during rain. but we can take some precautions to dth signal loss during rain.

align properly

during the installation make sure that every transponders getting the maximum signals. there are lot of transponders in dth service, you are getting channels from these. during installation please ask the technician to check signal strength for all transponders. we can prevent dth signal loss during rain with this step. signal strength may down, but we will get channels with this step. if you have already installed dth system, check your signal strength.

  • checking signal strength can be done through menu, find set up or installation (the term will different in some set top boxes). if you have seen that any drop in signals, fix the same. you can do it yourself, if have interest or call the help for experts.
dth signal loss during rain
low noise block with good gain

cable quality

make sure that there is no joints between the connection cables, means between lnb and set top box. if there are some joints you will low signal strength. use only good quality cables for dth connections. this is another reason for dth signal loss during rain and bad weather situations. we are using a device named lnb to receive signals.

  • lnb means low noise block, make sure that you are using a good quality item. 0.03 dB or 0.05 dB lnb’s are using in indian dth services.

these type of lnb’s are not good for rainy conditions. you can check for 0.01 dB gain lnb’s those available through online purchase. these are the solutions for dth signal loss during rain. you can purchase good quality lnb from here that prevent signal outage during rain.

cover LBB with transparent materials

another idea is cover low noise block with thin plastic or any other materials to prevent rain drops. make sure that you are using a transparent materials for covering lnb. empty bottle of 2 liter soft drinks is ideal for this, cut the neck part and cover lnb using this. please cover it slowly, otherwise it may affect the dish alignment.

Please note – result may vary person to person, it’s depends on your ability to align dish and lnb properly for maximum signal strength.

6 thoughts on “dth signal loss during rain – solutions to fix rain outage signals”

  1. A small correction in the above post regarding LNB gain.

    LNB gain will be like 65 db…..80 db….range.

    Here the author wants to mention LNB noise level ( during signal processing ) which would be like 0.1 db or 0.2 db or 0.3 db or 0.4 db etc. ( And no such 0.01 db, 0.03 db, 0.05 db ) THE LOWER THE NOISE LEVEL ( 0.1 db ), YOU WILL GET BETTER QUALITY SIGNAL .

    For rainy season, I used to cover the LNB with a thin polythene cover.

  2. I am using airtel dth HD.my signal strength is 68-71.and quality is 40-75.but the hd channel quality is just average.technician told its bcause of tree and coconut palm shades.is it true?

  3. Yes bro trees cause signal problems if there’ s a tree in frnt of ur dish move ur dish where no obstacles,also call a technician to install never do it urself!


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