videocon d2h transponder list

videocon d2h transponder

full list of all the videocon d2h transponder with frequency and other parameters

videocon d2h is using the satellite st2 at 88.00 degree east . You can find all the transponders of videocon d2h and frequency from here.

FrequencySymbol Rate FECPolarizationLogoProvider Name Encryption Type
11483439782/3VerticalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4/HDIrdeto 2
11483439782/3HorizontalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11546439782/3VerticalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11609439782/3VerticalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11609439783/5HorizontalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11672439782/3VerticalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11672439782/3HorizontalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
videocon d2h transponder
videocon d2h transponder

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