videocon d2h transponder list

full list of all the videocon d2h transponder with frequency and other parameters

videocon d2h is using the satellite st2 at 88.00 degree east . You can find all the transponders of videocon d2h and frequency from here.

FrequencySymbol Rate FECPolarizationLogoProvider Name Encryption Type
11483439782/3VerticalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4/HDIrdeto 2
11483439782/3HorizontalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11546439782/3VerticalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11609439782/3VerticalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11609439783/5HorizontalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11672439782/3VerticalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
11672439782/3HorizontalVidecon D2HVideocon d2hDVB-S2MPEG-4Irdeto 2
videocon d2h transponder

videocon d2h transponder

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    1. Aman

      Can u tell me how to configure my videocon d2h box to receive free air channels?


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