Malayalam Channels Frequency at Intelsat 17 at 66.0°East


Full List of The Malayalam Channels and Their Frequency at the Satellite Intelsat 17 at 66.0°East – Malayalam Channels Frequency

Channel Frequency Malayalam
മലയാളം ചാനല്‍ ഫ്രീക്വന്‍സി

All the major Malayalam channels are using the satellite Intelsat 17 for transmission. You can check the available channels , frequency details etc from here. Free to Air (FTA) Malayalam Channels, paid Channels, HD (High Definition) channels etc can be check from this page. we will update this page regularly and you can get the updated channels list. Malayalam Channels Frequency with transponder details, symbol rate, fec, mode etc can be read from

Flowers TV Frequency
Intelsat 17 Flowers TV New Frequency

Important – Please check for the updated malayalam satellite television channels frequency parameters

Down link Parameters

Channel Name Transponder Frequency Polarization FEC Symbol Rate System Mode
Mangalam TV 3876 Horizontal 3/4 14300 FTA
Sun Network Malayalam Channel Frequencies
Surya TV 3885 Vertical 3/4 30000 DVB-S2 MPEG4 Paid
Surya TV HD
Kochu TV
Surya Movies
Surya Comedy 3925 Vertical 3/4 30000 DVB-S2 MPEG4 Paid
Surya Music Paid
Janam TV 3966 Horizontal 2/3 14400 DVB-S2 MPEG4 FTA
24 News 3968 Vertical 2/3 8800 DVB-S2 MPEG4 FTA
Fowers TV
Darshana TV Middle East
Media One Life
Asianet Movies Paid
Kerala Vision 3980 Vertical 3/5 7200 DVB-S2 MPEG4 FTA
Flowers International 3984 Horizontal 3/4 14400 DVB-S2 MPEG4 FTA
Kappa TV 4006 Horizontal 2/3 14400 DVB-S2 MPEG4 FTA
Mathrubhumi News
Shalom TV India
Media One
Kaumudy TV
Powervision TV
Harvest TV
Safari TV
Kairali Channel Frequency Parameters for C Dand Dish
Kairali TV 4015 Vertical 3/4 30000 DVB-S2 MPEG4 Paid
People TV FTA
Kairali Arabia
Asianet Channel Transponder Frequency From Intelsat 17
Asianet 4024 Horizontal 2/3 14400 DVB-S2 MPEG4 Paid
Asianet Plus
Asianet News FTA
Asianet Middle East
Amrita TV
Jaihind TV
Jeevan TV
Reporter TV
Manorama News International

Note- This info can be change any time, please ensure that you are using the updated parameters for tuning malayalam channels.

Malayalam Channels Frequency
Malayalam Channels Frequency


  1. Jinesh says

    kairali tv is now not getting on my receiver. it showing the message scrambled.

    1. Dish Tracking says

      kairali tv changes to pay mode.

      1. Biju says

        How to change pay mode

      2. sukesh ps says

        yes its a wast channel no wort to pay for that

    2. Rauf Thaseem says

      Notify me of new posts by email.

  2. Lukose says

    Janam tv is it free or paid ?

    1. sukesh ps says

      free to air

  3. renjith says

    Dear friends.
    Im planing to install MPEG-4 Receiver in my home. Pls give me some details about this.
    Do i need to recharge every month..??
    From where i get the settop box.
    Please provide me the details of the box.(spec if any.)
    What will be the cost..
    Which are the channels available in this box.

    1. Syamraj says

      I am installed 180cms dish antena and SBVS2/MPEG reciever, can I get malayalam channels from Intelsat17/66degree

    2. Subramanian P V says

      I am using 6′ C band dish antenna and 4 pole diseq switch with 2 Ku band dishes. 1 am getting 9 Malayalam channels from 75degreeE satellite and dd free channels and foreign news channels from 83° satellite and bvn channel from thaicom. How can I obtain Malayalam free channels from Intelsat 17.

    3. sukesh ps says

      for free to air its good more free malayalam chennal are avalableand nowa days from jan 1 if youwant to watch chennal like asianet sunnetwork you have to pay big amount its will reach 450 per mopnth so bettar go to free to air chennal
      and paid chennal we have to pay and erritting adds in that tv and why we pay for that think for asianet we have to pay 15 rs think we have people 8 core peiople pay 15 thunk how much they get its big and they make many adds in that so my personal is i dont want that

  4. manoj says

    i m stay at sharjah , i have small digital receiver
    i want Malayalam channels, how i can set my self.

    1. Sbn says

      IT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO SET YOURSELF…It will cost only 50AED maximum to call a technician. Contact No.0567603100…

  5. Jamshad says

    small dish me ab malayalam channels nahee aa rahe he.
    ABS me he
    Eutelsat me nahee aa raha he.
    Please Helpme.

  6. Jay says

    Is this satellite available in Kerela..!
    I am from calicut. Was getting signal from eutelsat 70 so far. It stopped from dec lastweek.

    I am looking to find other satellite with malayalam channels.
    is Intelsat 17 available in kerala?

    1. sreekumar kollam says

      sure intelsat available in kerala…….
      dish sizes 6feet and above

      1. Anand says

        yes 6feet and above we using mpega4 or hd receiver

    2. Anand says

      yes we got intelsat17 in kerala ,in the dish size 6feet c brand signal

  7. sagar says

    i am unable to get asianet middle east ,amrita , jaihind channels on intelsat 17..
    i hv 6 feet cband dish & dual polar lnb..
    but still i m not getting d abov chanels ..
    can any1 help me in finding d chanels

  8. Mohandas says

    I m staying in goa , i have just buyed a stc dvb2 MPEG4 box n auto tuned it but I m getting only one dd Malayalam in it , what can be done to receive more Malayalam channels, pls reply..

  9. Sasidharan Nair C says

    How can I get Malayalam channels I getting only one Malayalam dishtv antina pl.reply

  10. Koshy Thomas says

    Athmeeya yatra Devotional channel available in which all countries ?
    i mean signals of 66.0°E Intelsat 17

  11. Reejan says

    I am from saudi arabia. Which tips Lnb get malayalam channels.

  12. shajan says

    I am staying in bhilai (c.G) I have 8 feet mush dish old one mpeg4 reciver c band dual LNB IS possible to tun power vision channel pls help me

  13. chandran says

    I am using a 60cm dish. How can i set to receive Intelsat 17 channels ?

  14. Shajan says

    chhattisgarh bhilai yil kitumo intelsat 17 c band lnb.

  15. chandran says

    I am watching ABS2 malayalam channels by using 60 cm dish& universal stb S2 for last month , but now all signals are missing. no change in dish setting. please help me.

  16. Jain says

    How to pay intelsat 17 pay channels starsat resiver

    1. sukesh ps says

      check in google search cccam

  17. Mathews says

    In Kuwait last 2 to 3 days intelsat 17 malayalam channels not getting, Any one have any idea

    1. Hisham says

      May be due to 5G signal interference. In Dammam, Saudi we are having same problem since couple of months. Can’t view any channels from this satellite

      1. JOSEPH D AMBOOKEN says

        Hi Is there any problem in Signals for Intelsat 17 66E .. Malayalam Channels except Kairali not coming? Any Idea What is wrong and how to trouble shoot this problem

  18. Joseph says

    I am based in Riyadh.. I am not getting Malayalam Channels except Kairali . Anyone knows Is there any problem in signals

    1. sukesh ps says

      better buy a Huntter Dish 8 feet and c band lnb ( Euro Star ) and call a tec to install good signal will get in that dishB

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