DD Free Dish Transponders List at GSAT-15 Satellite

Complete List Of DD Free Dish Transponders at GSAT-15 Satellite

DD Free Dish DTH Transponders
DD Direct Plus Frequency

DD Free Dish Transponders List at GSAT-15 Satellite Can be check from here. We Have Already mentioned that from 1st February 2016 DD Free Dish is Moving to New Satellite GSAT-15. We have published the complete step by step instructions for the migrations. We can expect more new channels on dd free dish service very soon. They will add more transponders and we can enjoy more channels. In GSAT-15 Satellite all the transponders are at Vertical Polarization. Symbol Rate and FEC also same for all the transponders. FEC is 3/4 for all the DD Free Dish Transponders at GSAT-15. Symbol rate is 29500 is for all the channels at new satellite.

DD Free Dish Transponders List With Frequency and Other Technical Parameters

No.Satellite Frequency PolarizationSymbol Rate FEC

At present dd free dish is using the satellite insat 4b for its reception. In our upcoming posts we will teach you to about getting dd free dish, price list, set top box details etc. DD Free Dish Using Ku band dish and set top box, if you are planning to purchase the same please wait some more time now. DD Free Dish is planning to launch own set top boxes, you can buy the same and use. There will not be any monthly fee to watch channels, but you need to purchase dd free dish set top boxes. At present we unable to provide any info regarding the latest set top boxes.

DD Free Dish Transponders parameters can be change to get new channels. You need to adjust the technical parameters for the same. We have already posted the step by step instructions to move to new satellite of dd free dish.

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  1. I could get many channels on auto search receiver (which stopped working ) but now on other manual receiver I fed all frequencies listed above but I didn’t get channels like Zee 24 taas etc


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