DD Free Dish DTH Moving to GSAT-15 Satellite From 1st February 2016


DD Free Dish DTH Service Is Moving to New Satellite GSAT-15

DD Free Dish DTH
DD Free Dish DTH

Information regarding Migration of Doordarshan Free Dish DTH service from INSAT-4B to GSAT-15 Satellite. Doordarshan is migrating its DTH service DD Free Dish DTH from old Satellite (INSAT-4B) to new satellite (GSAT-15) with effect from 1st February 2016. All DD Free Dish Viewers are requested to follow the following steps for returning/ rescanning their Set top Boxes on or after 1st February 2016. The new Parameters followed by procedure for STB rescanning/ search are given below DD Frequency plan for Migration from 01 February 2016. Above setting in the STB is to be stored and then to rescan/ search channel in the STB procedures are given further

DD Direct Plus Frequency Parameters

No. Satellite Frequency Polarization Symbol Rate FEC
1 11090 29500 3/4
2 11170 29500 3/4
3 GSAT-15 11470 Vertical 29500 3/4
4 11510 29500 3/4
5 11550 29500 3/4

Procedure to retune/ rescan of Set Top Box for Existing Viewers:-

1. Press Menu Button on Remote of DD Free Dish Set Top Box.

2. Select Installation Or Setup Or Edit Program etc, Its Depend on Your Set Top Box Menu.

3. Go to Manual Search.

4. Select Satellite Name (Select /Edit)

5. Select / Change TP.

6. Enter Frequency ( for TP1) to 11090 MHz.

7. Edit/Change Symbol Rate to 29500 Ksps and Polarization to Vertical

8. SAVE / OK the setting and SCAN the SET TOP Box.

9. Press EXIT Button on Remote.

10. Similarly EDIT, SAVE and SCAN the following TP to get all TV and Radio Channels.

11. Now all the TV and Radio channels of “DD Free Dish DTH” will be available.

12. Viewers/Subscribers who do not retune / rescan the Set Top Box will not get the DD Free Dish Service on or after 01-02-2016 from the date of migration.

13. For further queries, viewers can contact Toll Free Helpline No: 1800 11 0510 (8.00 A.M. to 10.00 P.M.); or E-mail at: ddfreedishdth@gmail.com


  1. Ramesh says

    any change in satellite direction ?

    1. DD Free Dish says

      no, satellite direction is same for both.

  2. Jacobs says

    can we Expect more channels in dd free dish soon ?.

  3. vikash says

    koi new channel

  4. anjila shankar says

    l got a zee tv at home but heard about this ddfree dish n want to know how much the fees is

  5. khagesh says

    main nhi samaj pa rha setting.pls Hindi main slah dein.

  6. komesh garg says

    New channels are not available here

  7. USHA garg says

    Installation menu is not avilable

  8. USHA garg says

    Installation menu is not available

  9. Ashish Jat says

    Setting are not there that are given by you

  10. jarman says

    Installation menu is not available so give me any other suggestion

  11. sameer Rajput says

    Change in channel

    1. Rohit Kumar Gupta says

      Please tell me best frequency, video pid ,audio pid trans freq ,symbol rate and local latitude, local longitude

  12. Pradeepnikumbh says

    Installation menu is not available

  13. mani says

    “Program setup” options are coming as- add new program. Edit lnb freq. Parameter setup. Auto scan. In “Auto scan “option the options are these-
    LNB freq. – 05150 05150.
    Scan mode. – Free
    22k. -off
    Diskeqc- off.
    In “Parameter setup” the option are-
    Program type
    Program no.
    Program name
    Then the option are
    LNB freq -10600. 10600
    Trans Freq – 11840
    Symbol rate- 27500
    Polarity- v
    Video PID- 0513
    Audio PID- 0613
    PCR PID. – 0513
    In “EDIT LNB freq “options are —
    Original freq -10600 10600 MHz
    New freq – 10600. 10600 MHz
    Signal intensity–
    Signal quality–
    Signal status –locked…
    And in the “ADD NEW Program” option the option which are visible are—
    LNB FReq –10600 10600
    Trans freq– 11840
    Symbol rate — 27500
    Polarity — v
    22k– off
    Mode– all.
    Its our humble request to kindly solve our problem regarding this change in ddfree dish….

  14. Sunil Kumar says

    Dish setting ka manual chahiye

  15. rahul prasad says

    when we changing according the instruction …so invalid showing

  16. Harshit says

    Installation menu is not available in setup box menu

  17. kripa shankar gupta says

    Installation options is not available in the menu

  18. Rajat Nain says

    installation ka option hi nahi aa rha menu me .

  19. Rajat Nain says

    installation option is not coming on in the menu option

  20. Ajay says

    Sir installation option is not available. Plz tell other option

  21. aditya says

    Old channel does’nt run….

  22. Anju says

    Not available ,,tell me other option

  23. Santosh kumar says

    Dear Sir menu open karne per instalation option not available . show option TV chanal list,redio chanal list,program setup,edit program, information, language, system setup, and game a raha hai. So kindly resolve my problem.

  24. Swapnil patil says

    Installation menu is not available for set of box please tell me other suggestion

  25. Swapnil patil says

    Installation menu in set box is not available

  26. brijesh trivedi says

    Installation options is not available in menu

  27. brijesh trivedi says

    Installation option is not available in main menu

  28. Achyut bhalekar says

    Instilation option not avoilable in satetop box please sugest me.

  29. Yashmin says

    My set top box is of PAGARIA and there in main menu installation option is not present..wot 2 do now?

  30. anil kumar says

    Installation option menu me nhi he

  31. ankush wasnik says

    Sir installation option is not avialable in my set top box.
    Please tell me other option.
    Mere dish me koi bhi chanel nahi dikha raha hai.

  32. mukesh says

    plz sir hindi mai bataiye menu mai insttalation opptions nahi araha hai

  33. Priti says

    Which type of changes have u done
    ? Installation menu is not available and there is no tp list in any blog ….we r missing our serials …..we don’t want changes , we r happy with our earlier channels …and the no. u have given is not valid ….plese solve this soon. ANSWER US

  34. rudra says

    Sir no new channels are therethere except aaj tak

  35. shivani vishnoi says

    Installation option is not available. Plz help me

  36. shivani vishnoi says

    Installation option is not available. Plz help me.plz lpz plz plz

  37. rahi says

    Installation not available in menu. Plz. help how I do?

  38. Tinku says

    Installation options kaha hai?

  39. Nishtha Chaudhry says

    Sir installation option not available in menu…..

  40. Prajapati please says

    installation is not available pls any options

  41. Prajapati please says

    Helpline number is all time busy

  42. bikky shaw says

    Ddfree Dish TV free mi star plus zeetv

  43. krishankant patel says

    helplin no.. lagta hi nahi

  44. Nishan Gill says


  45. Nishan Gill says


  46. Ashok kumar says

    Instalation option is not available. Please send settings

  47. md alauddin says

    give sports channels and some film channels max action pls

  48. Amrutha says

    In setting if i select for Auto scan then it’s showing ” Space is Full !! ” What can I do now ?

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