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Tata Sky Transponder List

Tata Sky Transponder List – Insat 4A at 83.0° East

List of All the Channels and Transponders Of The Direct To Home Service Provider Tata Sky at the Satellite Insat 4A at 83.0 East. Tata sky is an indian dth service provider and they are using the satellite insat 4a for the transmission.

LogoFrequencyPolarizationSymbol Rate FECSystem Tye Provider Name
Tata Sky10970Horizontal300003/4DVB-S2 (MPEG-4/HD)Tata Sky
11010Horizontal275003/4DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11050Horizontal300002/3DVB-S2 (MPEG-4/HD)Tata Sky
11090Horizontal320007/8DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11130Horizontal320007/8DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11170Horizontal320007/8DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11470Horizontal300005/6DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11510Horizontal300005/6DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11550Horizontal320007/8DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11590Horizontal300003/4DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11630Horizontal320007/8DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
11670Horizontal320007/8DVB-S2 (MPEG-4)Tata Sky
Tata Sky Transponder List
Tata Sky Transponder List