Insat 4CR at 74.0° East Satellite Transponder and Free to Air Channels List

List of All Channels From the Satellite Insat 4CR at 74.0° East

Insat 4CR Channel List
FTA Malayalam Educational Channels

List of All Channels From the Satellite Insat 4 CR at 74.0° East, In this Satellite Majority are Educational Channels Like Victers, Vidya Vahini, Utkarsh etc.

Channel Name LogoFrequencyPolarizationSymbol Rate FECMode
OrsacOrsac11513Horizontal30002/3DVB -S
RGPEEERGPEEE11520Horizontal17003/4DVB -S
Bigsag 1Bigsag 111523Horizontal17003/4DVB -S
Bigsag 2bisag channel11526Horizontal17003/4DVB -S
Utkarsh ChannelUtkarsh Channel11578Horizontal50007/8DVB -S
Utkarsh Channel 1
Utkarsh Channel 2
Utkarsh Channel 3
Utkarsh Channel 4
ViCTERS ChannelViCTERS Channel11677Vertical30003/4DVB -S
Vidya Vahini11680Vertical29653/4DVB -S
School NetSchool Net11685Vertical29007/8DVB -S
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indian satellite discussion blog

As mentioned above, indian educational channels are getting through this satellite. Insat 3C, Edusat and This Satellite are getting through this angle. VTU, ViCTERS, Lok Shiksha channels getting through this satellite.