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The Award Winning Talk Show - Zindagi LIVE returns on IBN7

The Award Winning Talk Show - Zindagi LIVE returns on IBN7

The 3rd Season of the show touches upon larger issues that affect society

New Delhi, October 18, 2009: India’s Leading Hindi News Channel, IBN7 is all set to bring back  a brand new season of the show that was adjudged the “Best Hindi News Talk Show on Indian Television” – Zindagi LIVE. Season 3 of the show goes on air every Sunday at 8:00 PM starting October 18, 2009. The series commence with a very special episode on 'On-screen Bhagwans' that will feature Arun Govil who portrayed Sri Ram in Ramayana, Nitish Bharadawaj who played Sri Krishna in Mahabharata, little wonder Dhriti who was the playful Makhanchor of Sri Krishna along with Mukul Naag, the compassionate Sai Baba in the popular TV serial Sai Baba Tere Hazaron Haath. . India loved them, adored them & even worshipped them. Now, Zindagi LIVE will bring them right into your living rooms; the four 'TV gods' will talk about how their lives changed after playing these characters  & the love & devotion that has been showered upon them from across the country for the celestial avatars that they portrayed with such finesse.

Zindagi LIVE Season 3 starts afresh with bigger subjects, untouched issues and an ever-candid approach tempered with a sensitive and compassionate approach to bring forth sensitive topics that have never been discussed on Indian Television. With an expert talk-show host, Richa Anirudh, known for lending her inherent and natural credibility to every issue and her excellent approach in handling sensitive situations by creating a friendly environment that helps people speak their heart out in front of the audience, Zindagi LIVE Season 3, is all set for another successful milestone to its journey so far.

There is a broad spectrum of topics discussed in season 3 of Zindagi LIVE which includes the life of our Bollywood stars’ duplicates, extraordinary lives of people after retirement, life of a stuntman, terrorism suspects who were actually innocent, victims of ragging, unusual entrepreneurs and many other issues and people whose experiences have changed their lives and events which have led to a paradigm shift in society.

Zindagi LIVE is a show that captures the real emotions of life – the joys, the celebrations and the sorrows of ordinary people. The show promises to be high on human and emotional quotient as the show continues to touch topics that a common man identifies with but never had the courage to approach. Zindagi LIVE salutes the spirit of ordinary people braving the adversities of life with a smile

Speaking about the news season of Zindagi LIVE, Ashutosh, Managing Editor, IBN7, said, “Zindagi LIVE is not just another talk show, what makes it different is its sincerity that has no parallel while communicating to the viewer. The show is one such example where the ‘emotional connect’ of the presenter has turned the show into an intense powerhouse of emotions.”

For further information please contact

Ashutosh Srivastava
Hanmer MS&L
Mobile: 9873968211

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