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what should i do with my mpeg2 stb when i purchase mpeg4 stb..?

Ya friends, from many days im thinking/worrying that what should i do with my mpeg2 stb when i purchase mpeg4 stb..? I think My mpeg2 would become useless when dd direct start their services in mpeg 4 Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see images. ..

Give it to me....................he...he,,,he
Just joking,Don't you worry their are many channel in MPEG-2 FTA on various satellites,
you can keep it for them, while giving to shopkeeper you will get nothing,The second
method is gift to love one's.

If you got signal meter in it, use it as a sat signal meter, like I do with my Beetel. Since Solid HD dont have this feature. Also There are lots of channels still using mpeg 2.... But if you can sell it in a good price I recommend selling it.

Yes.Old mpeg2 receivers can be used as signal meter.Now I'm using my old Beetel SD 96 for align dish.To watch mpeg4, mine is SOLID HD Box.

Ya friends.. Gr8 idea..! i am also thinking to use that mpeg 2 stb as signal meter..

nobody would purchase it bcoz nowadays no one is dumb... Then its better to use mpeg2 stb as signal meter..

Ya friends you are right as I am using my Zenega as a Sat finder as well as for MPEG-2 FTA channels,
So it is more use full then Mpeg4 for me now,As some very good HD or MPEG4 boxes don't have sat finder ?

I am statisfied with D2h give him MPEG2 receivers, Pappu ( Rohit marathi).............

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