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Help Need Problem with my laptop...
hi guys, i have dell xps 15 is shutting down after dell logo comes.due to this MB had changed once.again after some days same problem this time they removed network card and it become normal.after few days again same problem,so they checked and said,it is due to chipset.then they changed(as their words).then after few days again same problem,i don't know what to do next.what would be the reason?any body can help?shall i give to another

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if warranty period company wil give u new laptop

no, warrenty is over.

90% may be due to hardware but also you can try to install
new OS and battery as well.
I saw a laptop which was shutting down due to corrupt OS and bad battery.

battery is ok, when it was working everything was silent(HDD).never shown any error message or worked for few minutes then click sound and off.normally not going behind POST. @rmg_hrr do you think any ram or hdd failure?

Are you getting any blue page or simply it turns off?
Try to install fresh OS and see if it works without installing additional drivers.


no blue page,simply turning off,sometimes goes up to windows 7 then turnsoff.HDD & OS never shown any problem at all.i also think any MB problem.anyway today given to service center, may be chip level need.

update.. service guys could't repair,they said MB problem,so i went there and collected back.then try to boot then repair system or do you want normal running like msg came,so i select repair.after some times finish then restart,then i shutdown.but all my back was not shall i back up again or simply leave without backup?or anything conflicting there??thanks rmg_hrr bro for your support?

a chipset issue . go to near service center they will solve it

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