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Reliance Big TV Set-Top-Box (STB) Features

Reliance Big TV Set-Top-Box (STB) Features

Reliance BIG TV Set-Top-Box Front Panel

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1. Power:To switch the Set-Top-Box (STB) in “standby mode” or in
“power on mode”
2. Menu: To launch or terminate the menu application.
3. Standby / Power on indication light: Turns red while in “standby
mode” and turns off while in the “power on mode”
4. Message indication light: Turns orange when STB receives a message
5. Remote Sensor: Receives the infrared signal from Remote Control Unit.
6. Arrow Keys: To navigate interface Left/Right & change cursor position.
7. OK: To activate a highlighted item or go to next level on hypertext
menu or to confirm the user’s action.
8. Infra Red Activity Indication Light:Turns green while in the “power on
mode” Flashes green when receiving data from Remote Control Unit.
9. Arrow Keys: To navigate interface Up/Down & change cursor position.
10. Smart Card Slot: Open flap and insert a Smart Card fully into the slot.

Reliance BIG TV Set-Top-Box Rear Panel

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1. Antenna In: Input from Terrestrial Antenna. Connect to Cable
Network of Active Antenna.
2. Loop out & RF out:Terrestrial signal loop out & RF re-modulation
out to TV set. Connect to RF Terminal of TV set.
3. Component: Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output Connect to
component Video terminal of TV set
4. LNB Input: Digital satellite signal input from Dish Antenna (LNB)
to Tuner.
5. Video: Composite video output to TV. Connect to composite video
terminal of TV set.
6. Audio L & R: Left & Right Audio output. Connect to Audio terminal
of TV set or Hi-Fi Audio system.
7. USB: Port for USB device.
8. Loop out: Loop through output from digital Tuner.
9. DC Jack: DC 12V input from Adopter. Connect Adopter plug.

Reliance Big TV Set-Top-Box (STB) Remote Features

Remote Interactivity at your finger tips

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# Services: Access Help, FAQs, Account information and more
# Mute: Turn the sound on/off.
# Live TV: Exit to Live TV.
# Back: Return to the previous menu.
# OK: Select an item or to confirm a menu.
# Vol (+/-): Adjust the volume level.
# Guide: View channel and program information.
# Select: Quick interactive channel surfing.
# Menu/Home: Enter the main menu.
# Colour keys (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue): These are Hot keys that are used in applications as extended menus..
# Power: Switch to “standby” or “power on” mode.
# Cinema: To access Cinema.
# Interactive: Access interactive applications.
# Info: View more information on program/movie.
# Up/Down: Navigate up/down
Left/Right: Navigate left/right.
# Ch (+/-): Change channels.
# Pre-CH: Toggle between current and last viewed channels.
# Numerical keys (0~9): Enter channel numbers or

Does this model support NTSC/PAL. I have a Samsung LED 3d TV UB46C8000 which has only NTSC support. If i use this Set Top box. Will it work directly? Does this box convert NTSC to PAL.

Thanks for ur info.

good list of the features provided.

That's the special in us.

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