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Recommend Windows 7 TV Tuner software
My Tech com USB TV tuner, that I am using to receive DTH from set top box to my PC, has bundled ArcSoft's Total Media

The Arcsoft site itself says they have released new update 3.5 but they need $49 to be paid to update to that.

The problems with the software are that:
- it doesn't have audio recording facility at all, so I just can't record only audio of the tv reception nor can I record directly tuned FM radio.

- It has too big a window at the medium size (when not full screen), I just can't reduce the size to any less. It occupies a lot of space for its own minimal information, just wasting precious screen real estate area.

I previously used typhoon's software that could be reduced to much lesser size window, and that has all the recording facilities.

- its tuning rate is very very slow. The auto tune in my speaker FM receiver, and in typhoon's software was very fast.

- overall, there are hardly much options to make it convenient for me. If I select a wrong entry in setup, the next time software doesn't even allow me to change that and doesn't run, so I have to uninstall its ini file and restart from scratch.

Please recommend some Windows 7 TV Tuner software (if possible, free one) that you have used and found excellent, and mention some of its great features.

I have seen WinTV software bundled with another external TV tuner. How is it and can it be used with any TV tuner, even USB one?


Update about Arcsoft Total Media 3:

I had above said that this software doesn't have recording facilities. That is nor correct. The software does have recording facilities for Audio as well Video, there is a red button in Radio page as well as on Video play page, pressing which starts/ stops recording to whatever audio/ video is being played.

There is no screen tips, or tool tips or button text on these or several buttons so I could not understand what these are for, that's why I had unknowingly reported that such facilities are not there. Sorry for that.


Cant u use Windows inbuilt Windows Media Center?

I couldn't even install windows media center on my windows xp.

While installing it, it asked for a remote sensor, for which I have to buy it and put on my machine.

As I am doing all the channel changes in my stb, I don't need any remote sensor to work on media center. My TV tuner does have a remove but that sensor is in tv tuner device and not directly on the windows/ motherboard. So media center will not even install, even when it does show the tv correctly on the small setup screen.

it is utter foolishness of window media center to necessitate a remote device. You can check on google, and will find several sites where several people are stuck with the very same problem and are not able to use media center.


Tried on Win 7?
Any anway I guess Arcsoft Total media theater should work.

Yes, I tried on win 7 itself. Downloaded entire install package online on my net. all wasted.

All Arcsoft software are paid ones and they even don't provide free updates for a few next versions and even a registered user has to buy the next immediate release.

I got Total Media bundled with my tv tuner hardware. I am not going to buy Total Media Theater.


Hmmm contact Tech com customer supp.... also search google for "Total Media alternative" n "USB TV TUNER PLAYER"

ya contact CC

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