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Mustard – common plant with unique properties
Mustard seeds have an important role in Indian traditional treatment for various diseases. Reference to the seeds can be seen in tales related to Buddha and it shows that the Indians had been familiar with this plant since 500 BC. The seeds and extracted oil from the seeds are found to be very effective in curing many a disease, thanks to the various chemical components in them. In India, mustard was used for external applications on the body in various forms -- as liniments, plasters or poultices. It helps cure chest congestion, cold and bronchitis. Some medical practitioners ask the patients to go for an external application of mustard paste to cure sinusitis or pneumonia too.
Mustard oil is used for massages and it is a main therapy employed in arthritis ayurvedic treatment. It helps alleviate the pain and inflammation in the joints by reducing the vata humour in the body. Mustard oil is also used by athletes and sportspersons. They rub it on the body skin and it helps ease the aching muscles.
The healing properties of mustard seeds had been made use of by the ancient Chinese herbalists too. They used it to treat rheumatism, cold, bronchitis etc. Mustard seeds are found to be rich in iron, calcium, magnesium etc and they help decrease the breathing troubles related to asthma.

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