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Janam TV - New Malayalam Channel Coming Soon

Janam TV Is an Upcoming Malayalam Channel. Reports says it will launch soon, Janam Channel Will be a Public Limited Company (Like Kairali TV)
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One more channel into the malayalam channels series. Let us wait for their launching. Hope for a General Entertainment channel from them.


JANAM TV is not a channel promoted by RSS or any other organization. Its purely an Entertainment channel with a nationalist view. Reports says director Priyadarshan will be the head of this channel. Many other personalities in the malayalam film world are also involved in this channel. The promoters are highly qualified and professionals. According to the promoters most of the programs on this channel will be entirly different than the exisiting channel.

Heard That Menaka Suresh Kumar is Behind Janam TV
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(03-04-2012, 01:15 PM)admin Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Heard That Menaka Suresh Kumar is Behind Janam TV

so this channel will be entertaiment channel... Because of priyadarsan & menaka sureshkumar behind this channel, it will be film based entertainment channel

Any info abt the launch date?.


It will be launched end of 2012

Janam is a Multimedia Company now. It is not a channel. It has no political interest as it is a business entity by majority NRIs and professionals.

I got a mail from this group.Yes,this is a multimedia this friends...

Dear Senthil;
I am one of the director of the Janam Multimedia limited. This is purely a non political business entity, trying to bring in highest quality documentary / multimedia product to Indian satalite channel industry. Though we have some idea of creating TV channel products, we are in very initial stage of the whole business.

Our team is professionals and creative thinkers who are NRIs, the companys investments are very very low, we have received support from many well known personalities and we could tie-up with major multinational groups to develop good quality products.

Why we try to do this?
India invents more than 700 inventions in a year.
India have best bio diversities in the world.
We have a buzzling economy.
We have innovative ways to improve our life.
We have best pollution control laws in world.
We have best technologies in many field.
We are the most diverse and largets democracies in the world.

However, our children are watching 24 x 7 crime, masala songs, soap serials, because they do not have quality entertainment.
We cannot win 1/7th position in sports though we have 1/7th manpower in world, because we are not able to motivate our kids.
We do not have world scale companies in infrastructure, design engineering, oil and gas, power, automobile design ( like toyota, bmw, benz, rolls royece) because we are not open to these technologies.
Our universities do not attract global talents, like UK or US universities do, they do not invent much.

Therefore we need to motivate Indians to build on our strength, correct our negatives, project our positive side to the world, act as a superpower. We belive in Janam to motivate Indians ( beyond caste, creed, rich, poor, coloour, langauge, politics etc). So we call it as nationalistic view.

We want to be away from day to day dirty stuff, because it is not that we want to correct, we belive film industry, channels, police, politicians, businessman will get corrected if there is a motivation, we understand thier position and do not blame them, because they are helpless and they need to survive.

We are with all those work on this directions, from our PM to local panchayat member, from Bishops / swamis to decoties or thieves. Because we strongly belive people are good and they only need directions. We will not hesistate to appriciate Modi or Sonia, if they have done good to the nation, fearless and firm.

If we can create an atmosphere of creative and innovative thinking we can bring changes.

However, your friends comment on Janam as a politically affiliated company give us trouble, in relation with europe / us media, our customers in India, trouble with Govt and threaten our jobs in Middle East.

We are expanding our areas of business, we invite shares from people from all over the world, however not big business houses, or with vested interest. We are looking for very small investments from people ( so we call janam) who have a vision towards greater india, prosperous india and leader of future world.

The politics is for short duration, but our vision is beyond our life time, a company like BBC, CNN, CCTV, or better than that. If have 5000 people in India, who can invest thier hard earned (clean) money of 5 lakhs, we can do this. We started with 7 people, now we are 1000 and 5000 is not too far.

However we do not discriminate people, if any body provide boost to us, by investment, creating awarness, supporting the cause always welcome.

Some of the people are:
Kavalam, PT Usha, Madhavan Nair (ISRO), Radhakrishnan (ISRO), Sivathanupillai (Brahmos), padma subramanium, soorya krishnamurthy, priyadarshan, menaka suresh, mohanlal, suresh gopi, yesudas and many more. However we do not want to take thier names to public, we are looking to incorporate thier vision to our vision to work as team.

I also request you and your frinds to take up the challenge, join nation building intiatives, forget about day to day initiatives. Think of 5000 years beyond. One life live it like a lion, put your impression in the globe like sreekrishna, sreeram, christ, Mohammed, alexander, chandra gupta.

If not Janam something else.


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