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How To Receive AsiaSat 3S and AsiaSat 5 With One Dish

How to receive AsiaSat 3S and AsiaSat 5 with one dish

Dual Satellite Reception Concept : Receive AsiaSat 3S at 105.5°E and AsiaSat 5 at 100.5°E with 1 TVRO dish

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Benefits to Broadcasters

Combined audience penetration of AsiaSat 3S and AsiaSat 5
over 96 million households with more than 360 million viewers across Asia Pacific
Combined channel neighbourhood of AsiaSat 3S and AsiaSat 5
200+ premier television channels
multilingual bouquets of South Asian, Middle Eastern, European, Chinese and international programming
Inter-satellite back up
service continuity made possible by second feeds installed at receiving sites
Benefits to Cable Headends / Receive Sites
Increase channel offerings through access to multiple broadcast platforms via a single TVRO
Expand subscriber base through enriching programming packages
Increase revenue through enlarging subscriber base
Low implementation cost to expand service packages to subscribers/viewers
Allow service continuity with second feeds installed at receiving sites
How to Retrofit Existing Single Feed TVRO?

Set Up Configuration

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Retrofit the existing C-band TVRO dish that has a single feed and LNBs pointing to either AsiaSat 3S or AsiaSat 5
Install a secondary feed assembly and LNBs to the existing TVRO dish
Connect the IF cable to the additional LNBs
Align the secondary feed horn and optimise the additional feed position for best quality signal
Rotate the secondary feed to get the right polarisation angle
Once obtain the best C/N ratio, fix the LNBs at the selected position
Installation of the secondary feed is complete when achieve the maximum signal levels of both satellites

Details of Aligning the Additional Feedhorn

To receive more than one satellite simultaneously using one dish antenna, you need to find out two additional angles to fix the supplementary feedhorn besides the Azimuth and Elevation angles of the primary satellite. They are the "Relative Separation Angle" and "Feed Offset Angle".

The relative separation angle is used to align the supplementary feedhorn on the transversely displaced feed point of the secondary satellite. Feed offset angle is used to find out the position of the supplementary feedhorn.

Antenna Alignment

Imagine that there are two planes, Plane 'A' and Plane 'B', along the antenna axis. Plane 'A' is at the back of the antenna and Plane 'B' is in front of the feedhorn. If AsiaSat 5 is the primary satellite, align the dish antenna with AsiaSat 5 first. Then find out the position of the secondary satellite (i.e. AsiaSat 3S) on plane 'A' and the position of the secondary feedhorn on plane 'B'. Align the secondary feedhorn with the secondary axis by connecting these two points.


To receive both AsiaSat 3S and AsiaSat 5 using a 2.4m dish antenna in Hong Kong, and assuming AsiaSat 5 is the primary satellite and AsiaSat 3S the secondary satellite, the

relative separation angle will be 5.24° H
2.43° V
feed offset angle will be -0.102m H
-0.047m V

where H is horizontal direction and V is vertical direction

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In the case of receiving two satellites with a single dish, the receiving gain for the secondary satellite will be lower than that of the primary satellite. In order to compensate this loss, a large antenna or signal booster may be needed.
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i have a motor with my sat can i abel to asia sat 3 and 5 in germany plz tell me

Hi Shanii
I dont think that you'll be able to recieve Asiasats in Gemany as to the beam your location is below Horizon.

He can't he is too dar from the Asiasat Beam

my sat can i abel to asia sat 3 and 5 in Maldives
plz tell me

yes 100%. Maldives is within c-band footprint of both asisat 3s and asiasat 5 . For stable and good quality reception try 8ft dish in ur location.

hi friends this is hakkim madurai i get 4 french channels in a 6 feet france 24 /euronews french/trace sport/tv5 monde asia hd reciver

but one problem for receiving tv5 monde asia on asiasat transponder signals some times i am not able to get signal but other transponder working on same asiasat please help


Any ideas for one cband lnbf As3s and As5 signal in one dish ?

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