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Help From Dish Trackers

Hi to all dish trackers for Delhi i m new to this i little bit gyan from Delhi dish trackers

Yes you can ask any question regarding dish tracking, But pl don't Title the post to particular area ok

Make a clear query that what you want to know ok ? Title changed
C-Band: 38E, 68E, 75E, 76E, 78.5E, 80E, 83E, 91.5E, 100E,105.5E  
Ku-Band:3E, 7E, 9E, 10E, 16E, 21E, 25E, 26E, 36E, 38E, 42E, 45E, 48E, 52.5E, 53E, 55E, 60E, 74E, 75E, 76E, 83E, 91.5E, 93.5E, 95E, 100.5E, 105.5E, 108E

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Satellite that can be received in Delhi

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