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DD Direct Plus Price???
Any one please tell DD Direct Plus price and where to buy the DD Direct Plus?? pls

get in touch with local electronics bazar .... costs max 1500

its depends on the quality of the hardware.

you can buy it from 1000-1500 range.

I had bought it 2 months ago at 1100, included dish (chhatari, tava), LNB that is put on the dish, STB, and connecting wire from dish to stb. Installation took Rs 100 extra.

As dish was small and signals were not received good, so I bought a new bigger dish (of dish TV) from open market for Rs 400 and installed it replacing the old dish for Rs 100 another installation charges. The idiot vendor took the old dish back at a meagre Rs 120 only, the thief earned more than full profit on that too. Whatever, new bigger dish is giving excellent signal.

so, the suggestion is: You go market and buy Dish TV's big dish (chhatari, tava), and dish TV LNB, then you can buy a DDD+ STB separately and get it installed urself.

Better to buy from a vendor who has his service center within his shop, as those repair your future problem immediately. Otherwise, most vendor who just sell and don't have any service customer support setup will give you trouble if you have some future questions or problems.


in my area Dish Tv Dish cost is 350/- its very easy to fit.

There is another idea, that I myself have NOT tried, but may be other members can comment if it will work.

There are LNB available in the market that are 2 or 3 or even 4 output ports that I have seen, or may be more.

So, instead of buying a single output port LNB (that costs Rs 140 or so, or higher if you go for branded providers' lnb), if you buy such a multi port LNB (2 port costing Rs 500), you can just ask any of your neighbor, who is having ddd+ working, to put this multiport LNB in his chhatari setup instead of his single port LNB. You put this multiport LNB in your neighbor's chhatari, one port takes singnals to your neighbor another port takes signals to you.

This way, you need not buy and install chhatari at all that will save you around 200-400 or more Rupees and need not bother its maintenance or shifting if you shift, as neighbor will be doing it anyway.

Hope members give feedback about such multiport LNB.


(01-03-2011, 01:54 PM)admin Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.thanks,

in my area Dish Tv Dish cost is 350/- its very easy to fit.

is this just the cost of the dish? What is the size?

For dish/ chhatari/ tava, I now feel I should have installed a 6 feet dish as only that can catch c band and KU band, no other smaller dish can catch them. it costs around Rs 1500 I guess.

Also, instead of taking a mpeg2 STB, buy mpeg4 STB, that will cost around 1500 Rs, I guess, or MPEG4-HD stb that costs around 3500 Rs, I guess, as mpeg4 one decripts many more channels that mpeg2 can't.

Though these might not be too useful at present, in future you need not buy new items whenever more channels become available or any encryption is done.



Wait for DD direct plan outcomes before going for big. DD direct has said it will be up to 100 by march 2011. Anyway dont go for cheaper one which is around 1000 Rs and all. It will show problems while in use. Ask for normal szed dish (no mini oval one) and check for its thickness for longer life. Check the stb there at the shop itself and see whether the sw is user friendly.

ya take a big dish 2 njoy big

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