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alyaha sat @52E in india pakistan
is k baad aap ye sat talsh hrlen
YAHA SAT ! @ 52.5E
ab hey barree yaha sat Y1 ki jo k 52.5E per hey jis per biisss key pr star move and star world english men chal rahey hen
biss keys sec m is ki biisss key bhi dee hui hey
sat yaha sat y1A
beam globel c band
ku east beam
ka west beam
tv ku band 40
dish size require in pakistan west beam upon baluchistan 130cm
upon whole pakistan iran afghanistan india 5odBw 90cm
launch 22 april 2011
age ecpect 15 years

14 c band
22 ku band
21 ka band
fta channels most popularfox move english
fox lifee middle east
net geo farsee
net geo uae
saudi quran
biss key active
star move
star wolrd
mpeg 2 and hd channela are available
easy to search

plz feed back
ask any type of question regarding any problem of receiptions no matter where do u live,, write ur home city stb lnb,,,,dish size n type etc etc
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Nice official info with some misspelled english. Reception of this satellite is out of I footprint for INDIA and it cann't be generalised for locations all over INDIA.

Yes, Yahasat 52e footprints Doesn't cover is waste of time investigating this sat.

weldone my dear friends,,
here i would also add that its downlink freq in dbw for the following areas of india is as under,,
al-yaha sat @52e is completely receievable in the following regions as its dowlinking is between 50 and 48 dbw for the standard receiption of 50dbw dish is required only 2ft mean while at the range of 48dbw it will be 70cm ku band dish,,, the close area of the following regions can also be receive this satelite using bigger size of a ku band dish,,even it perhaps not be received in whole of india,,,,,
indean regions required only 60 to 90 cm dish can rec are following...,.,,
porband,,,junagrh,,,,,bhatia,,,,rajkot,,,,morbi,,,,gujrat,,,juna grh,,,,johi bali,,,,,bermer,,,,khavolia,,,,kanji ki sidr,,,jodh pure,,,sujangrh,,,,,mansa,,,,bikaneer,,,bhuder,,,,chandigrh,,,,,ludhiana,,,,amriser,,,,jalal nagr,,,,himachal perdesh,,,jagatsukh,,,,beri,,, and jamu n kashmir,,,

(03-16-2012, 09:56 PM)sanatan Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Nice official info with some misspelled english. Reception of this satellite is out of I footprint for INDIA and it cann't be generalised for locations all over INDIA.

texting by cell does not need standard english that's y i ignore most of the English spellllinggs

alyahasat? or YAHSAT 1A? @52.5.this sat no C band channels.

Can i catch tatasky dish and solid 2100hd receiver

Try with a 120cm dish rahad...

...........or 6 feet prim focus dish,with prim focus KU BAND lnb.

Neither 120cm offset dish with offset ku lnbf nor 6ft pf dish with primefocus ku lnb and feedhorn can lock signal of yahasat@52.5 in Bangladesh.

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