Dish TV Transponder List 2015 From Satellites NSS 6 at 95.0°East and Asiasat 5 at 100.5°East

Dish tv using two satellites and they are nss6, asiasat 5. All the hd channels of dish tv is coming from asiasat 5 satellite. These two satellites are near and they are using 2 lnb’s to catch the signals. you can check the full list of all the transponders by dish tv with frequency and other technical parameters.

Dish TV Channel Frequency on Asiasat 5 at 100.5°East

FrequencyPolarizationFECSymbol Rate Provider Name LogoMode
12522Vertical3/440700Dish TVdish tv frequencyDVBS
12582Vertical2/340700Dish TVDVBS2 MPEG4 – HD
12642Vertical2/340700Dish TVDVBS2 MPEG4 – HD
12702Vertical2/340700Dish TVDVBS2 MPEG4 – HD

Dish TV Channel Frequency on NSS 6 at 95.0°East

FrequencyPolarizationFECSymbol Rate Provider Name LogoMode
11037Horizontal3/440700Dish TVdish tv frequencyDVBS
11090Horizontal5/630000Dish TVDVBS
11172Horizontal5/630000Dish TVDVBS
12535Vertical3/440700Dish TVDVBS
12595Horizontal3/440700Dish TVDVBS
12595Vertical3/440700Dish TVDVBS
12647Horizontal3/430000Dish TVDVBS
12647Vertical5/630000Dish TVDVBS
12688Horizontal3/427500Dish TVDVBS
12688Vertical5/627500Dish TVDVBS
12729Vertical5/630000Dish TVDVBS
Dish TV Transponder List

Dish TV Transponder List